I have bad news boys, I won't be accepting etransfers from new clients. I had an incident last week with a client where I was trusting enough to start things before the transfer had been deposited. That's not like me to do that with a guy I just met. Afterwards [more...]
Hey boys, me and Kitty had so much fun last weekend in Ottawa that we've decided to make it a monthly trip. Next month we'll be in town August 7th and 8th for 2 days only. Don't miss out boys. We suggest advanced booking for duos. Cant wait to please you. Â Lilyanna [more...]
Hey boys, starting July 1st I'll be raising my rates slightly from 120hh and 180hr up to 140hh and 200hr. I assure you its due to added expenses such as hotel and travel. Â Not to worry though, all of the fine gentlemen who I've been seeing over the past 6 months are [more...]
Hey boys, I have some personal affairs to attend to in July up in Ottawa. Ill be staying downtown in a beautiful suite just off Rideau street. Ill be in town on the 3rd of July until the morning of the 5th. I know there's quite a few gentleman who [more...]
My girl Kitty Caterina had a great idea to hold a draw every year on her birthday. I had to take it to the next level though. So for all my subscribers who enter, I'll  be holding a draw for every month that ends in a Y 1st prize will [more...]
Hey boys, I finally decided to start my own onlyfans page to give you a more interactive experience. Im constantly adding new content and me and Kitty have started doing videos together every week. We both love to hear your suggestions and requests, so don't hesitate to tell us what [more...]
Hey boys, sorry to say that I had to cancel my trip this weekend. The last time I was in Ottawa I had tons of inquiries and a few no shows so I didn't feel confident coming back unless a handful of men prebooked and paid a small deposit. Unfortunately [more...]
Hey boys it's almost official, I booked a really nice space in the Byward Market for May 15th until the 17th. I'm hoping a few fine gentlemen will prebook with me to ensure my accommodations are covered. A $60 deposit paid by etransfer would be very helpful. You can give [more...]
Apr 25 2020


Hey boys, I've had a few gentlemen inquire about me coming up to Ottawa again soon. I'd like to prebook some appointments before plan my trip. I think the weekend of  May 15th would be good date. Anyone who would like to spend some time together can contact me by [more...]
I had a great weekend in Ottawa, but I can't wait to take Kitty to see Kingfish at the Horseshoe on March 8th. We'll be in Mississauga for a few days though before the show. March 5th, 6th and 7th we'll be available for incalls mostly if anyone wants to [more...]
Hey everyone, Its good to be back. I spent some time traveling and studying for the past seven or eight years. I came back to Kingston and ran into Kitty Caterina one day and we started hanging out again. She has been such a supportive friend over the years, I'm [more...]