Feb 11 2021

Good, bad, ugly...

I have bad news boys, I won't be accepting etransfers from new clients. I had an incident last week with a client where I was trusting enough to start things before the transfer had been deposited. That's not like me to do that with a guy I just met. Afterwards he did not seemed to concerned that I hadn't been paid yet, since it was 3am I got fairly agitated and may have been a little mean to this young man, before offering to drive him to the bank machine. Which is not something I should be doing at 3am with a complete stranger. 
So now I'm only accepting etransfers from my current friends who I have already built a report with, or anyone else who can ensure I receive payment before the time of session. 
I'm a criminal justice student and have no problem giving my address before the transfer is sent. I have my CPIC, but cash is another option I'm happy to  accept.