A little more about Lily 😘

Hey boys, I thought I'd do something a little different and let you know about the real me. Now, 
obviously Lily is not the name I was given at birth, however it is the name I chose when I turned 18. 
Im a simple base brat who grew up mostly in Ottawa and Kingston, but im originally from a remote Island on the West coast.
I've done a great deal of traveling over the years and experienced much of what life has to offer. I've always enjoyed meeting new people and learning about different cultures. It's probably what helped me to become as understanding and empathetic as I am. 
The other night I spoke to someone for the first time and had a great conversation long into the early hours, even though it was my day off. They were shocked at how normal I am. I couldn't help but laugh to myself wondering what they had expected of me. 
Much like the rest of the world, I have my quirks, but I suppose I am pretty normal. (Whatever that means). 
I'm a kind hearted, educated, loving young woman with good morals and values. Nothing more, nothing less. Lilyanna 💋