Hey boys, it has been quite a crazy month. Many things happen this month that I was not expecting. I met a young man who hired me for overnight. I wanted to see him again pretty bad so I quoted him a price that was almost an act of charity since he isn't a wealthy man, but I really wanted to see him again. 
My girl Kitty and I had a bit of a falling out and haven't been doing duos together or traveling anywhere together, but we made up last night and even though I still don't want to go back to duos and trips to the city  with her, I'm glad I've got my girlfriend back and can't wait  to go to her place for a few drinks. 
So all is well and I'm looking forward to the new year. I had started offering a special on Fridays. It had out as 120hh 180hr thats what I charge my older regular friends I met during the first 6 months since I've had my website again and advertising on line.
But after some suggestions from others online I've decided to offer $50 off of a 2 hours session on Fridays every week. I would love to be ravished by you guys for a couple hours.😏🥰😘
Love you all and happy holidays!
Lilyanna 💋